Not to be outdone by a bunch of mere snakes, the folks at Boston Dynamics have built a four-legged walking robot called the BigDog. When it’s simply making its way over uneven terrain, it’s impressive. When it’s scrambling to recover its balance — after a receiving hard shove to its midsection, or slipping on an icy patch — it’s positively spooky. The damn thing moves like a living animal. I find my heart going out to it as it would to any creature in distress, despite the fact that I know full well it’s just a machine.

5 thoughts on “BigDog

  1. Does it count as a robot if it’s just a dog brain wired up to some mechanical legs?

  2. The blame you have leveled at my lack of a preview function has been weighed and found valid. In light of this, we found a random guy on the street, jumped him, dressed him in a CSS-imprinted Lycra unitard, and thrashed him for a bit before setting him loose with our apologies and a bus ticket.

    We hope and believe that this fully addresses your complaint.

    (Also, no, I had not seen this video, and it’s hilarious. Thanks!)

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