Home Again, Well Ahead Of The Schedule

I’m already home. No, I have no idea how this happened. The original expectation had been that I’d take four days or so to recover following the removal of the tumor from my left temporal, which happened as intended yesterday morning. I apparently was conversational the entire time, as intended, even though I barely remember a damn thing and indeed worried that I’d fallen asleep when I was supposed to be collaborating with the crew.

After the removal itself, I was transferred to the Intensive Care unit, where I spent most of last night sleeping intermittently, frequently checked by nurses to confirm that my eyes, nerves, and general left/right side were all in working order.

This morning the surgeon himself, along with the anesthesiologist, had a look at me and basically decided that I was well enough to leave today. Apparently this happens infrequently enough that the staff of the ICU didn’t really know the procedure for getting out. (They were, like every other single person I’ve met with at Stanford, incredibly friendly the entire time, and did figure it out eventually.)

So now I’m home, and about to go to bed. I may sound reasonably normal in e-mail, but the truth is that at the moment I have to grope around blind for the appropriate term — noun, mainly — some of the time. You don’t notice this when I’m writing, but you’d notice it fairly quickly when speaking to me in person. This should faded over the next couple of days as the area near the removed temporal area reduces back to its usual size. We’ll see how it actually feels when I’m done.

I’m exhausted now, so I’m going to bed. Have fun tonight, whatever you all are doing, and I’ll try to update you soon.

3 thoughts on “Home Again, Well Ahead Of The Schedule

  1. Nominal aphasia? I guess it’s probably the least of your worries, but I it can be pretty annoying to deal with. Glad to hear that things are looking good. 🙂

  2. been thinking of you lots. only was lurking because i was sure you were overwhelmed with friends, family, well-wishers, etc.

    just so you know, i’m happy you’re home, and i’m thinking of you.

  3. Dan,
    I ran across your blog while looking for information on Dr. Lifshutz, I was recently diagnosed with some cyst in my noggin and was referred to him.

    I had to go on reading, you are one funny guy and the blog was very engaging!

    I wish you the best, speedy recovery and a long long time at the right tail of the statistical curve.

    – Avi

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