Puzzling Evidence

avestriel crashed again on Sunday and Monday nights — both times around 2:00 in the morning. Strange. It’s been fine since, having made it through Tuesday and Wednesday nights uneventfully. Stranger.

I left the office window wide open on the crash nights, and it got pretty cold in there. It seems unlikely that that could be the cause, but stranger things have happened. (I also had a chance to open up a power supply that’s the twin of avestriel’s yesterday, and was properly horrified at the sight of the great big amoebic blobs of solder that lurked beneath the cover plates. I’d like to believe that something that ugly is the cause of my problems. Of course, if it is, I have to ask the attendant question: is it worth spending any additional money buying replacement parts for machine that’s that old?)

No, I still haven’t backed it up, and I still haven’t brought its replacement up. Too much other stuff to do.

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