An Open Letter to Blue Note, Sony, and EMI

Diehard jazz aficionado Volkher Hofmann is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it to the register anymore.

Read it. All of it. It’s a thing of beauty. Years from now, when the scavengers are picking over the bones of the major labels, we’ll look back and say, “This was it. This was the moment when they passed the point of no return, the beginning of the end. When people who spent thousands of dollars on, and arranged the rest of their lives around, recorded music decided that they’d finally had enough, and were no longer going to be apologists for a bunch of indifferent, cash-grubbing corporate tools.”

1 thought on “An Open Letter to Blue Note, Sony, and EMI

  1. Kristeen Young is easily the most talented unsigned artist around. She’s got a phenomenal producer. Her past albums have featured duets with David Bowie and Placebo’s Brian Molko. And I’ve personally witnessed an enormous number of A&R people from every major label show up to hear her incredible performances. Yet she’s still unsigned. This alone is the greatest testament I know of to the vast idiocy of the major labels.

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