There’s Something Very Wrong With Us


It’s hard to shake the feeling that things are fundamentally screwed up in some way when it turns out to be easier to obtain the new album from one of your favorite bands by firing up Xtorrent than it is to walk into any one of three different music stores, cash in hand, and actually buy the CD.

I mean, I’ll wind up ordering the thing from Amazon if all else fails, but… for cryin’ out loud. It’s been said before that any company or industry that has problems taking your money is in trouble. This would seem to be a good example.

(The album itself? It’s good. Very good. But you’d expect nothing less from Dick Valentine & Co.)

2 thoughts on “There’s Something Very Wrong With Us

  1. The iTunes Store is great for cherry-picking singles and for back-catalogue items that are hard to find in print. If I’m going to buy an entire newly-released album, then I’m going to want to buy the actual album, with a booklet and art and stuff. Call me a hidebound old traditionalist, if you like.

    (Speaking of hidebound old traditions, I thought that it’s now just the iTunes Store, rather than the iTunes Music Store. Am I going to have to report you for re-education or something?)

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