What’s in a name?

Confusion, apparently.

Browsing the headlines on Yahoo! this morning, I was thrown not once but twice.

First, “Delay disrupts meeting to discuss Iran“. Wait, what? Tom DeLay disrupted a meeting to discuss the Republican boogeyman of the moment? Which meeting? And anyway, isn’t he out of the picture? Oh, wait, they’re just talking about Condoleezza Rice’s flight being delayed. Right. I heard about that on the radio while driving in. (In hindsight, the failure to correctly capitalize DeLay should have tipped me off, except that I’m so used to sloppy typography in journalism that I’ve almost come, sadly, to expect it.)

Skimming down a few lines, I then got to “Rice could doom U.S.-Korea trade deal: source” and thought, Jesus, what’s she screwing up now?. But it turns out they’re just talking about the grain.

Context is everything. And there is no conspiracy.

1 thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. Context is indeed everything. And somehow, this tickles my sense of possible future research ideas, though not yet exactly sure how. But thanks for the laugh and the possible idea!

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