Differences I’ve noticed lately:

  1. When Obama talks about his campaign, he tends to talk in the first-person plural: “we”. When Hillary talks about hers, she tends to do so in the first-person singular: “I”.

  2. When the Obama campaign is up, it generally seems to stop well short of gloating. When it’s down, as it notably was after New Hampshire, it does an admirable job of keeping its cool. When Hillary’s campaign is up, it seems to verge on the edge of unpleasantly smug. When it’s down, it seems to come completely unhinged.

    (Seriously. If this were a cheesy late-eighties cable movie, we’d have reached the scene where Supreme Commandantrix Clinton paces angrily before a line of nervous-looking lieutenants while barely able to keep from frothing at the mouth: “The next one of you idiots to say anything to the press about delegate strategies — anything at all! — will be lucky if all I do is fire him. Am I clear?”)

Aren’t the Clintons supposed to be running the most finely-tuned political machine of the last couple of decades? It needs oil, or something.

1 thought on “Impressions

  1. 1. when obama is in the white house he’ll still be saying “we” and it won’t be “his” fault he didn’t keep “our” campaign promises.

    2. when the underdog is down it’s a disgusting beat down; when up it’s cheering time! poor clinton doesn’t get a turn at underdog now does she.

    are you really surprised the democrat campaign machine needs oil? is there enough war for them to win this time?

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