Netgear to the Rescue

The Netgear WG602 access point is a much happier piece of hardware than its accursed D-Link counterpart. It doesn’t want to reboot whenever you do… well, anything, its DHCP client implementation actually appears to work, and its built-in web-based UI is a model of elegance and simplicity.

It may, in fact, constitute one of the very few legitimate uses of HTML frames I’ve seen. Ever. The left frame chooses the configuration topic, the center frame allows you to set options, and the right frame displays help appropriate to the current context, so you don’t even have to make any additional clicks to find out just what the options you’re facing off against actually mean. I am pleased and impressed.

(Of course, I haven’t actually tried attaching any wireless clients through the thing yet, but trifles like that can wait for the time being. Also, for maximum perversity, I have acquired a Linksys high-gain antenna and antenna mount, just to add vendor mix-and-match to the equation.)

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