2 thoughts on “The Return of the Murder Kernels

  1. why “CVE-2006-1524 for real this time” and that pesky “ip ro get iif eth0” panic, of course. or was that a rhetorical question? also, would you happen to have a graph of time vs stable release number so we can see how rare this occurance may be?

  2. Quasi-rhetorical. I don’t doubt that the vulnerabilities being patched were real, but it’s just rare to see flailing like that. (Oh, and we’re up to now, so the fun was not quite done at the time of that writing.)

    While I don’t have a time-versus-stable-release-number graph handy, I will note that I’ve been fairly dogged about checking kernel.org’s RSS feed ever since it was instituted. This is the first time I can remember that kernels were released and superseded before I had time to grab and build them.

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