Will just purchased a 2007 Cannondale Rush 4. I find my reaction evenly divided between three poles:

  1. Excitement on his behalf, because the Rush has the reputation of being a rather sweet marathoner.

  2. Anticipation of the chance for a test ride.

  3. Dread of the man-beating I can sense descending upon me the next time we attack hilly terrain together.

In other words, “Yay!”, “Woohoo!”, and “Oy” all at once.

2 thoughts on “Ambivalence

  1. For a brief moment I caught myself thinking “only $1799, not bad… maybe I should get a new bike.”

    Then I thought “Cannondale… err… waddabout: KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki…”

    If my tour of duty over here isn’t extended, I can’t wait to come back an buy a dirt bike (well maybe after a Toto Washlet toilet seat.)

    And if you think it’s a cheaters way out of a workout, you’ve never ridden a MX bike.

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