Bill Moyers Goes To Town

One should beware of judging a man by his manner.

It is possible, for instance, that George Bush’s appointee to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson, is in fact a thoughtful and decent human being, rather than the jowly, priggish, self-satisfied good ol’ boy whose image leaps unbidden to my mind every time I hear him speak.

I couldn’t say. All I know is that every time I hear the man’s voice, I think that it’s time to re-animate the moldering remains of William Tecumseh Sherman, because the South has clearly risen again and needs to be put down at least as hard as the last time — and a zombie Union general is just the revenant for the job.

For the nonce, however, we’ll need to settle for a living southern gentleman with which to fight the fire of another southern “gentleman”. Fortunately, Bill Moyers is up to the task.

I caught part of his superb closing address to the National Conference on Media Reform on the radio a few nights back. It’s heady stuff, full of the rhythm and power this preacher’s son must have learned at his father’s knee.

Listen to the recording or read the transcript, and be glad that there’s at least one journalist still alive who hasn’t decided to expediently compromise himself.

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