1. A reporter has been jailed for refusing to reveal her source — opting with no small measure of dignity to accept imprisonment rather than go back upon her word to someone whom she guaranteed anonymity.

Ordinarily, this would make her my hero, except that:

  1. The reporter in question is Judith Miller, formerly known as “a prominent member of the cheering section for the Iraq war”.
  2. The source she’s protecting is likely the one who peddled Valerie Plame’s name to the press as an act of petty vengeance — not that the Bush Administration knows any other kind — against her husband for daring to call “bullshit” on the Administration’s Nigerian Yellowcake claims. (That Miller should be caught in the political backwash from a war she was widely perceived as waving the pom-poms for is but one of the case’s little ironies.)

“As God is my witness, I haven’t the faintest idea what I should do.”

— Opus, Bloom County

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