Thursday: Next Steps

Sometime in the afternoon, after the completion of my scans, I got a call from my neurosurgeon, Dr. Jason Lifshutz, expressing his apologies that he probably wasn’t going to be able to examine them for another 24 hours or so.

However, fairly late in the evening, the phone rang: it was Dr. Lifshutz, telling me that he’d had a chance to review the scans and would like to meet on Saturday morning. From the noises I could pick up in the background, not to mention the lateness of the hour, it was pretty clear that he was calling me on personal time: I appreciated both greatly.

I realized in conversing with him that I’d neglected to pick up the CD-R containing the results of my scans before my release, and made a mental note to take care of that the next day.

At some point in all of this I spoke with my parents, both of whom offered to drop what they were doing and come out here. I assured them that this was not necessary, surrendering to the warm comfort of my own bed, cushioned with an additional soft layer of Keppra.

1 thought on “Thursday: Next Steps

  1. Hi, Dan –

    Just thinking of your brain. It’s a fine piece of meat. Do try to keep it all in your head over the coming weeks. We men, of course, do have secondary brains, but they’re really only good for one thing.

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