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Around the Campfire

or: it’s two in the morning. Why am I staring at the tent’s ceiling?

“What is best in life?”
“An edible homage to a classic film.”
“Wrong! Conan! What is best in life?”
“An edible homage to a classic film — with added caffeine.”
“That is good! That is good.”

Because, really, why stop with the chocolate-sugar rush of regular s’mores when you could score a hyperactivity trifecta?

Dim Sum Madness

Celina and I got off to a very late start, boarding the metro well after noon. While we tried to decided what we’d have for breakfast, we happened to notice the Chinatown stop on the Metro map, and Celina suggested looking for Dim Sum.

A friendly local cop — at least, I think she was a local cop, though she might have been a transit worker — pointed us in the direction of a place called Tony Cheng’s Seafood Restaurant. Once we were actually in the right spot — the ground floor is Tony Cheng’s Mongolian Barbecue — we grabbed a menu and proceeded to check off items.

Memo to self: beware ordering dim sum when you are famished. After taking our slip, the waiter came back a few minutes later and said, essentially, “This is fourteen items. Are you sure about this?” We assured him that we were.

We didn’t quite finish everything, but we did considerable damage, and we took the rest with us, so nothing went to waste. The food was excellent — should I ever find myself in D.C. with a hankering for Dim Sum again, I will know exactly where to go.

Southern Comfort

A bout of smack-talking on a private mailing list as to who could cook the best southern food led to a showdown at Art & Lisa’s: specifically, dinner, consisting of fried chicken, cornbread, and collard greens, among other delectables. Dessert consisted of no less than three different kinds of homemade pie, each more delicious than the last, consumed while watching Undercover Brother. There’s something strangely apt about the theatrical selection, but I’m not sure it bears too much thinking about. Afterward the movie, we played a round of Chez Geek, a game I’m coming to love despite the fact that I’ve yet to win. No victor was officially announced in the cook-off, although I think Lisa would have to be declared the winner on the merits of her pie alone. Oof, I’m full.