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Jakob Nielsen would bitch-slap me

… if only he could be bothered. Last week he published “Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes“; reading it, I found myself thinking, “Check. Check. Check.” I suspect myself to be guilty of violations on every count save the last, “Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service”.

To Nielsen’s list I would add, “Using Your Blogging Software’s Default Theme Unmodified”, thus ensuring that your site will be a completely unmemorable, cookie-cutter affair, indistinguishable from a slew of others. I’m guilty of that one, too. I hope to do at least some customization in the near future.


“Well — here I am.”

Jubal Early, “Objects In Space”

Faisal has apparently grown tired of waiting for me to get my shit together, and so has decided that the time has come to give me a little push, in the form of a Blogger invitation. Fine and good. I’m not sure exactly what he anticipates from this blog, but, having known me for over a decade, he’ll have little excuse for being surprised. He, and, for that matter, you, should expect to see some general pissing and moaning about the generally retarded state of the world and its inhabitants, along with more specialized pissing and moaning about the state of computing hardware in particular. Let the games begin!